September is Pain Awareness Month

Purpose is to educate the public on the prevalence of chronic pain, education on how to mitigate pain, and drive funding into research and development of new pain treatments.

Additionally, this month aims to educate medical professionals by updating them on the latest alternative non-pharmacological treatments to combat the growing problem of addictive pain medications.

Chronic pain is extremely prevalent, affecting roughly 50M Americans, 19.6M of which have high-impact chronic pain that limits their daily life or work activities. The most common reported types of chronic pain are:

  • Musculoskeletal – (ex – back pain, arthritis)
  • Neuropathic – (ex – peripheral neuropathy)
  • Functional – (ex – migraine, fibromyalgia)

With the growing emphasis on curbing the opioid crisis, medical professionals have decreased prescribing this class of drugs, according to a new study.

However, while the study does indicate a lower number of opioid prescriptions, they don’t seem to be replaced with other therapies.

One of the reasons for the low utilization of alternative pain therapies may be the lack of education. On average, a physician spends 9 total hours in medical school focused on pain.

Bioelectronics hold great promise for treating a variety of chronic pain issues.
Electromedical Technologies is the leader in bioelectronics, with their revolutionary WellnessPro Plus® device.

This device goes far beyond TENS, operating at over 1M frequencies to trigger our own body’s natural response.

Electrical impulses travel from nerves around the injured area to our brain, delivering the unpleasant sensation of pain. WellnessPro Plus® operates by disrupting these pain signals received by our synapses, mimicking our natural electric signals to relieve patients from pain.

The science behind this device is revolutionary and has already made a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of tens of thousands of chronic pain sufferers.

Electromedical Technologies is the manufacturer of the WellnessPro Plus ®, an FDA CLEARED device offering over 1 million frequencies tailored for the relief of chronic, intractable pain as an adjunctive treatment of post-surgical or post-traumatic acute pain.
Find out more by visiting the product page.

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