Imagine A World Without Pain

You deserve to live pain-free. With our FDA-cleared,
easy-to-use electrotherapy device, you can reduce and
even eliminate chronic or acute pain.

You Don't Have to Live With Constant Pain

With our FDA-cleared, easy-to-use electrotherapy device,
you can reduce and even eliminate chronic or acute pain.

Provide Pain Relief With the WellnessPro Plus

What Is Electrotherapy?


Learn more about the science behind electrotherapy and how electrical stimulation works to relieve pain, support healing, and increase total body wellness.

Electrotherapy Studies

Clinical research has linked the technologies used in our WellnessPro Plus to the successful treatment of a wide range of pain causes and other symptoms.

Healthcare Professionals

Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of electrotherapy and determined that it avoids the negative side effects of prescription opioids.

The ElectroMedical Story

Uncover what led to ElectroMedical Technologies and learn more about our mission to help people relieve their pain naturally through bioelectronics.

Key Features of the Wellness Pro Plus

Instant Relief for Acute and Chronic Pain


Free your patients of pain from both chronic and acute conditions ranging from headaches and backaches to support for relieving osteoarthritis pain. That’s why more doctors recommend the WellnessPro Plus than any other professional TENS device.


What it means for you: Safe and effective treatment delivered to patients while they sit in your office.

Simple to Use

Wellness Pro

The WellnessPro Plus has the largest range of frequencies of any competing TENS device and comes with fully custom programmable functions. Set a custom frequency program to treat your specific pain and easily save the settings that work best for you.


What it means for you: Preset codes treat common ailments, allowing you to start delivering relief with minimal training time.

Most Effective Technology

Tens Unit

The WellnessPro Plus features a unique DeepPulse ION technology for delivering specific frequencies into problem areas. With the largest frequency range and most precise delivery technology in the industry, quickly turn off your pain and promote overall healing.


What it means for you: Your practice can promote the latest in pain relief that’s safe, reliable, and affordable.

Broadest Number of Ailments


Our device provides relief from pain by delivering electrical stimulation of varying frequency, pattern, and intensity. You can customize each element or use one of the hundreds of pre-defined codes based on helping specific conditions.


What it means for you: Treat hundreds of ailments with a single device, creating an extremely efficient and wide-reaching investment.

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