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Over 80 million Americans live with moderate to severe pain resulting from an accident or a disease, nearly 40% of them report being unable to find adequate pain relief and 77% report feeling depressed due to their chronic pain.
Our goal is to unlock the body’s natural ability to achieve wellness through high performance electrotherapy technologies, using energy, frequency and vibrations to improve quality of life.
Activists of a drug free approach, we take prescription drug misuse very seriously.
Alarming statistics have highlighted the importance of an alternative method for pain management.

40% of drug overdoses involve prescription drugs and painkillers

US accounts for the highest percentage of the worldwide population to use prescription drugs

Today 80% of drug addictions started with the misuse of prescription painkillers

Over the past decade,

there has been a diversification of the substances available on the drug markets but the non-medical use of pharmaceutical opioids has triggered new health threats & escalating drug disorders. In 2018, 67,367 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States, 70% of them involved opioids.

Source: CDC

Electrotherapy seems to be one of the most promising substitutes to toxic and addictive painkillers. Since introducing the WellnessPro+ in 2007, ElectroMedical Technologies has been an innovation pioneer at the forefront of the alternative pain relief movement.

We challenge THE toxic pharmaceutical approach to pain management and wellness by building scientifically advanced devices that use bio-frequency technologies to trigger the body’s natural ability to achieve better health.

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