Electrotherapy’s Big Role In Fighting Muscle Fatigue

Fifteen minutes a day for two days is all it takes to relieve significant muscle pain in your calf, improving tone and reducing stiffness while helping your body heal.

That’s according to a growing body of research about how electrotherapy and bioelectronic devices like the WellnessPro Plus can dramatically change the way we live, for the better. And, all without the need for potentially addictive medicines like opioid painkillers.

An interesting element of this particular study and how massage therapy providers are positioning it is that pain doesn’t have to be from a chronic condition or illness. Electrotherapy can play a role in promoting muscle tissue repair and growth through pain relief when you’re working out or going about your day.

Looking Beyond Illness

For the study on “Therapeutic effects of massage and electrotherapy on muscle tone, stiffness and muscle contraction following gastrocnemius muscle fatigue,” researchers looked at healthy young men in their 20s.

Muscle fatigue was induced through exercise and the men were given either electrotherapy sessions or a combined therapy that included message and a bioelectronics device. The groups were measured and found showed a significant increase in muscle tone and stiffness, along with a significant decrease in muscle contraction, among all subjects following the exercise to induce muscle fatigue.

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting.

A day after the first session, both groups saw significant decrease in muscle tone and stiffness as well as a significant increase in muscle contraction — all normal and healthy.

After Day 2, only the group that received just bioelectronic therapy saw muscle stiffness continue to decrease significantly.

At the end of the treatment sessions, and over a larger timeframe, the two treatment options showed little difference. So, the relief that electrotherapy provides by itself was equal to that of the relief provided by a combination of massage and electrotherapy.

Adding Electrotherapy To Your Practice

The healing power of bioelectronic medicine has been known for years, and new reports are simply increasing the available data we can use to prove this common knowledge. For practitioners, these studies can make you feel more confident about incorporating electrotherapy and about how to speak with your patients about it.

Plus, if you provide massage and physical therapy services to many different patients, bioelectronic devices like the WellnessPro Plus may be able to free up your massage therapists, allowing them to focus on more significant cases. Or, you can use similar devices to improve the results of your difficult cases, even in the event of patient muscle tone and stiffness issues that were caused by stroke.

Sports medicine, when not trying to heal a specific injury, can also see this study as a reason to turn to electrotherapy for relief after your team works out or has a match. It’s a proven effective way to increase and improve muscle tone, stiffness, muscle contraction, thereby reducing muscle fatigue and promoting overall muscle health.

Our body is wired in a way that is receptive to electrical stimulation, and incorporating that knowledge into your practice is a straightforward way to provide greater levels of treatment and safely diversify the therapy you offer. It’s exactly what today’s patients want.

Do you treat a sizable number of patients who experience muscle pain, stiffness, soreness, or fatigue? Consider the WellnessPro Plus as a partner to help you bring relief to these and many more of your patients. Learn more about what we treat or contact us directly to get your questions answered.

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