What is the True Cost of Your Pain?

A non-narcotic approach to a pain relief

Chronic Pain:
Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists despite medication or therapy for more than 12 weeks. Most people recover from pain following an accident or procedure and return to normalcy. However, there are situations when the pain lasts longer or appears suddenly without any prior history of an accident or surgery.

Effects of Chronic Pain:
Chronic Pain has severe financial, emotional, and physical effects. Daily tasks like working, maintaining a social life, and taking care of oneself or others can be made complicated by the chronic pain.

The economic effects of chronic pain include increased medical costs, decreased income, decreased productivity, compensation payments, and legal fees.

Chronic pain is frequently accompanied by depressive symptoms, mood swings, anxiety, altered perceptions and cognition, and emotional instability. This is a result of the body’s physical and physiological reactions to perceived stress.

Financial Cost of Chronic Pain

The cost of dealing with the chronic pain is extremely high as compared to the other related issues. According to one research, 74% of those who experience high-impact chronic pain are jobless, which undoubtedly has a significant influence on their capacity to pay for medical care. (James Dahlhamer, 2016)

In fact, more than 75% of respondents to a U.S. Pain Foundation research said that cost was preventing them from accessing one or more treatment options—particularly for necessary interdisciplinary therapies that are not frequently covered by insurance. (Pain, 2021)

According to experimental investigations, persons who experience significant pain shell out $7,726 more a year on healthcare costs than those who don’t, or an extra $644 each month.

Other Related Issues

People with chronic pain frequently have sleep issues, exhaustion, difficulty focusing, and decreased appetite. (Phillips, 2009). There is long list of things that aren’t possible while having this type of pain in your body. The above figure explains some of them.

How you can reduce your financial burden (and eliminate pain!)

Millions of CP sufferers have found relief with the growing science of bioelectronics.
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