What Patients Say


Jake Tsakalidis,

Former NBA Player


Ben Howden,

Fell Off a 2-Story Building


Diane Brooker,

Pain from Lyme Disease


Parker Seminars,

Las Vegas

Doctors Love Us for Patients and Their Own Use


Dr. Len Pelly,

Natural Health & Well-Being


Dr. Barth Conard,

Orthopedic Surgeon

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Electrotherapy Wellness Stories

Real People. Real Relief.

Our greatest joy is to hear how our WellnessPro Plus is helping people enjoy pain-free lives.

Simple enough for in-home use and yet engineered to clinical standards for healthcare practitioners, we’ve become one of the most popular bioelectronic therapy solutions in the world thanks largely to word of mouth.

The most honest look we can provide into how we improve lives comes from the people and physicians who use our wellness solutions. Watch our videos.