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The latest breakthrough in pain management is here—introducing the WellnessPro Plus.

The most effective bio-frequency device on the market and the #1 choice of doctors and medical professionals, the WellnessPro Plus represents the next generation of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy.


With one million frequencies to choose from, the WellnessPro Plus offers the largest frequency range of any TENS device, which means the largest range of treatments for the largest number of injuries, illnesses, and conditions.


If you want to learn more about what the WellnessPro Plus can do for your practice and your patients, use the simple form below to download a free brochure or receive one in the mail. Come and discover if you’ll be our next success story.

Inside your free brochure, you’ll learn:


  • Why we offer 1 million therapy frequencies and why that’s great for your practice


  • Why electrotherapy is the solution to the pain epidemic in America


  • How the WellnessPro Plus supports natural healthcare preferences and answers patient demands


  • What separates the WellnessPro Plus from other similar TENS devices
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If you would like to receive a brochure in the mail, please include your mailing address in the field below. Included in the free brochure packet is a letter of medical necessity and a finance application for the WellnessPro Plus. The letter of medical necessity needs to be signed by your doctor before we can send you the device. If you have any trouble getting a prescription, Electromedical Technologies is happy to call your doctor and explain the benefits of TENS therapy and how the WellnessPro Plus can help with your specific condition.

Note: A prescription from your physician or an approved medical license must be provided to purchase a WellnessPro​​ Shipping is NOT included in your order. Customer service representative will contact you regarding this. Dismiss