Electrotherapy Accessories

When you purchase the WellnessPro Plus, your kit will include everything you need to experience the pain-relieving benefits of electrotherapy. Accessories for the WellnessPro Plus are also sold separately in the event that any of the electrodes, wires, or connectors that came with your device are lost, stolen, or damaged. These accessories were designed (and in some cases chosen) to provide maximum benefit for users of the WellnessPro Plus.

Self-Adhesive Electrodes

Pro Pulse HD™ high-dispersion self-adhesive electrodes are designed to distribute current evenly and comfortably for enhanced user comfort and maximum electrostimulation therapy benefit. Patented dual-layer MultiStick® hydrogel eliminates performance problems and irritation issues associated with single-layer hydrogels.

  • Scientifically-chosen snaps to match impedance in the entire system for even current distribution across each surface
  • Proprietary silver mixture and electrode grid pattern precisely control and optimize electrical current
  • Border around the electrode allows for intentional current roll off, eliminating painful edge biting and stinging

Carbon Rubber Electrodes

Highly durable and flexible carbon rubber electrodes are made with the highest quality materials for enhanced comfort and electrotherapy results. Available in two sizes (large rectangular and small round) for greater treatment flexibility and placement options.

  • Made with highly durable yet soft silicone material for the most comfortable electrode feel on the skin
  • Low resistance design provides maximum electrical wave distribution for optimal electrotherapy treatment results
  • Conductive gel can be applied directly on the soft carbon rubber surface for uniform conductivity over the electrode surface


Created from a knitted blend of nylon and elastane, the WellnessWrap provides comfortable and secure placement of non-stick electrodes, hot/cold packs, and customized supports. The WellnessWrap also replaces neoprene wraps for wrist, elbow, ankle, and knee support. Large and small sizes are available.

  • Knitted nylon/elastane outer layer for soft touch feel and moderate directional stretch
  • Patented foam inner layer for maximum comfort and temperature regulation (for use with hot/cold packs)
  • Enhances ease and effectiveness of electrotherapy treatments using non-stick electrodes

WellnessPro Plus Input Cable

High-performance input cable for the WellnessPro Plus equipped with the renowned LEMO QUICK-LOK™ push-pull, self-latching receptacle system. QUICK-LOK provides absolute security against vibration, shock, or accidental dislocation of the cable during therapy sessions.

Conductive Gel

The only salt- and chloride-free electrical conductive gel, Spectra 360 by Parker Laboratories is recommended for all electrotherapy treatments using the WellnessPro Plus (carbon rubber electrodes only). Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, and bacteriostatic for added comfort and peace of mind.

  • The only salt-free and chloride-free electrode gel on the market
  • Salt-free means no sodium ion transfer, making it particularly suitable for long-term applications
  • Spectra 360 reduces skin resistance for enhanced electrical frequency distribution and better treatment results
WellnessPro Plus Small

Visit our online store to see all of the accessories available for the WellnessPro Plus, including replacement lead wires, electrode snap connectors, and universal AC power adapters.

The Best Electrodes on the Market

The same effort that went into designing the WellnessPro Plus also went into designing our high-quality TENS electrodes. Our self-adhesive and carbon rubber electrodes are designed for maximum user comfort and optimal electrostimulation therapy results. Below you’ll see how our electrodes compare to the competition.

These pictures exhibit the electrical current dispersion of our rectangular and round carbon rubber electrodes compared to a leading competitor’s. Notice the full, uniform color of our electrodes compared to the “hot spots” on the competing brand’s electrode. Uneven electrical current distribution can cause major skin irritation and burns, which is why the WellnessPro Plus is one of the most comfortable personal electrotherapy systems on the market.

WellnessPro Plus Electrode 1

WellnessPro Plus Electrode (RCR-210)

WellnessPro Plus Electrode 2

WellnessPro Plus Electrode (RCR-55)   |   Competitor Brand

Not Sure What Accessories You May Need For The WellnessPro Plus?