At Electromedical Technologies, we believe results speak louder than words.

In the Press

May 25, 2017

ElectroMedical Technologies®, announced its latest international certification, COFEPRIS, issued by the Mexico Health Authority for an approved medical device


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April 28, 2017

ElectroMedical Technologies Takes Stand Against Opioid Use with Drug-Free Bioelectronic Medical Device


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December 7, 2016

Bioelectronic medicine pioneer, ElectroMedical Technologies, announces enhanced platform, WellnessPro Plus to Expand treatment…


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Pharmaceutical approach

“We challenge the toxic pharmaceutical approach to pain management and wellness.”

Achieve Better Health

“We apply bio-frequency technologies to trigger the body’s natural ability to achieve better health.”

Scientific Research

“We build devices based on proven scientific research, that deliver specialized energetic stimulation to the body.”


Since introducing the world to the WellnessPro Plus in 2007, Electromedical Technologies has been at the forefront of the alternative pain relief movement in America. We will continue to lead the electrotherapy revolution until everyone who lives with acute or chronic pain knows that a safe, non-toxic, and effective solution exists—the WellnessPro Plus.

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