How to Ask Smart Questions

How to get by asking smarter question


Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to implement Mike’s advice?


He’s shared a lot of tips for improving your sales strategy, but if you’re still worried about your sales, perhaps you’ve missed Mike’s biggest takeway: sales should be about storytelling, because storytelling builds genuine connections.


People love connecting with the real you, and Mike’s guidance to this point has centered around improving ourselves, and thereby improving our sales.

But what are the key takeaways you need to remember when connecting with other potential customers?


Fortunately, there’s a framework you can follow to build stronger connections with the people you meet.

In this video, Mike discusses BENDWIMP, a framework for how to implement the advice Mike has shared with you so far. By simply learning to apply the B.E.N.D.W.I.M.P. framework, you’ll have a repeatable system for making the most of his advice.

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