Purpose and Identifying Your Own Personal Why

,   Today’s theme is Purpose and Identifying Your Own Personal Why.  

Whenever you notice yourself or others around you extremely motivated, chances are high that there was a strong sense of purpose behind the actions. Whether it be weight loss, overcoming pain or making money, the purpose or the reason is critical when striving towards a desired outcome. There is a simple yet powerful phrase we teach at EMT, “Something at Stake” or SAS. Write down and identify what is at stake for you in your business and career. What’s written is REAL so write it down on a notecard or piece of paper and keep it somewhere close by on a daily basis. This will serve as your reminder especially when you feel off-track in anyway.  I have been doing this for years and it so powerful.


Here is a brief 20 minute video of a popular writer and author that speaks on this precise topic around the world. His name is Simon Sinek and he calls it “The Golden Circle” approach to understanding the power of WHY in life. Please take some time in the next week to watch this video:

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