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Generally speaking, significant advantages of product exchanges is that they enable you as a customer to retain revenue that would otherwise be lost. In this case, every owner of our WellnessPro 2010 or WellnessPro Plus, qualifies to get the latest WellnessPro Infinity at heavily discounted price.

You are getting a new device with a 3 year warranty. After the 3 year warranty expires, you will have an option to purchase an extended warranty for $599/yr (or you can make a monthly payments of $49.99 instead)

All that for $2,495 + shipping during Exchange program otherwise $3,995

Reserve your Infinity at discounted price

Infinity comes in two version. Professional and home edition.  While home edition has all the features of the current WellnessPro Plus with some add-ons,  the professional edition has all the bells and whistles modern electrotherapy device needs today.

More about features and differences on this page

Professional edition comes with a price tag of $11995 while the home edition has the same price as the WellnessPro Plus – $3995. Professional edition also has a monthly subscription of $49.99 that will start after initial warranty expires (3 years from the purchase date). This subscription model guarantees perpetual warranty and free future firmware upgrades for the professional model.

The home edition of our product can be upgrades to a Professional edition (for a price difference between the two) anytime during the warranty period.

Current owners of any of our two models (WellnessPro and/or WellnessPro Plus), during the exchange event only,  can reserve the new WellnessPro Infinity at the introductory price of $2495 + shipping. It is expected that the WellnessPro Infinity will start shipping within 90 days

The duration of our exchange program depends on the availability of Infinity devices. It will run for a maximum of 60 days (7/31/24), OR  until we run out of the devices allocated for this program. This program operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can take advantage of this program and exchange your device now, before the allocated Infinity devices are gone!

Worldwide supply chain disruption and component shortages, led to delay in WellnessPro Infinity production, thus our Wellness Pro Plus and the Wellness Pro infinity inventory did not overlap resulting in back orders.

In the situation like this, we are offering two scenarios:

#1 – keep using your existing device and exchange it before Dec. 31st 2024 to qualify for the exchange price, OR

#2 – if your device is within 90 days from the purchase date, you can have a new Infinity for $999 upon returning your WellnessPro Plus

During the exchange event, current owners of any of our two models, can purchase the new WellnessPro Infinity at the introductory price of $2,495 + shipping. It is expected that WellnessPro Infinity will start shipping within 90 days.

Even though your current device is not functional we will honor the offer the same way as your device is functional.

If we have your model on the stock, you will get a replacement unit immediately. If not, upon the end of the exchange event you will receive the new model with prorated warranty on it at no cost.

Wellness Pro Plus is discontinued and will not be in stock.

It is expected that the WellnessPro Infinity will start shipping within 90 days.

No. Wires are not compatible between the models. With every exchange order, there will be a new wires included. However, all electrodes are compatible and customers should keep those, since exchange orders are not coming with the new sets of electrodes.

3 year warranty for home edition + optional extended warranty.

3 year warranty + mandatory perpetual warranty for the professional edition.

Usage of the Infinity is the same as the WellnessPro Plus, thus all the current “how to” videos will be applicable. Infinity will come with the option of two user interfaces. One being exact to the WellnessPro Plus and the other one being more modern design.  Customer can choose any. The “how to” videos will be replaced online with the new ones as soon as practical.

We are working on creation of the marketing material and as soon as they are ready, our current brochure online will be replaced with the new version.

Yes. We can offer no interest ‘in house’ financing without credit check.



Home edition: $2,000 down + shipping and $200/mo for 10 months

Professional edition: $2,995 down + shipping  and $499/mo for 19 months. ($49.99/mo thereafter is required for perpetual warranty and cloud access.)


Note: Exchange program devices cannot be financed through us.

Bonus: During the first 60 days, we are not going to charge 3.5% credit card processing fee ($140 savings on home edition)

We will do our best to keep the price of the home edition to the existing level, but depending on the worldwide component price structure this may or may not change in the future.

WellnessPro Professional edition

Regular price: $11,995,

Pre-sale payment plan: $2,995 down payment + $499/mo for 19 months. ($49.99/mo thereafter is required for perpetual warranty and cloud access.)

Reserve your Professional Infinity at  Pre-sale price

Bonus: During the first 60 days, we are not going to charge 3.5% credit card processing fee ($420 savings on professional edition)

Our journey

Current Electrical Nerve Stimulation devices offer a non-invasive approach to pain management, but often lack personalization and treatments can be uncomfortable.

Plan: Develop a new generation of WellnessPro with several key features:

  • Multi-Sensor Input: The new device should support integration with a pressure sensors and temperature sensors to gather real-time data on user interaction and pain location.
  • Biofeedback Technology: Stimulation intensity should be adjusted based on resistance of the user skin.
  • App: A user-friendly smartphone app will allow for personalized treatment plans suggestions, pain tracking, and progress monitoring.

Research and improvements: Since the first generation of the WellnessPro we are gathering feedback from our customers and professionals and implementing them into the next generation of our device. After almost 4 years of development, millions of dollars spent and plethora of problems with worldwide supply chain, we are on a doorstep of the commercial launch of the third generation of our device.

Best one in its class: The Wellness Pro Infinity isn’t just an incremental improvement, it’s a revolutionary advancement in electrotherapy – a game-changer for electrotherapy technology.

In association with our research team in Europe, we did our best to implement cutting edge technology and components available today.


Limited Pre-Sale Window:

Due to the anticipated high demand, pre-orders for the WellnessPro Infinity will be available for a limited time only.

Exchange program is available for existing customers and/or distributors ONLY until 7/31/2024!

  • Home edition (Regular price: $3,995)
  • Professional edition (Regular price: $11,995)

Professional Pre-sale payment plan: $2,995 down payment + $499/mo for 19 months. Monthly payments starts 30 days after device delivery

Some Professional edition differences:
  • Advanced microcurrent current control (1uA step)
  • Pulse width control
  • Constant skin impendence measurement
  • Device self diagnostic
  • 4 simultaneous independent treatments
  • Unlimited storage for patient treatment protocols
  • Free firmware updates when available
  • Collective optimization (allowing doctors to share custom protocol treatment suggestions)
  • Perpetual warranty1
  • Advanced patient satisfaction assessment
  • Free modality upgrades (upon FDA clearance) PEMF, PTSD, PMES, Cold Laser…
  • Custom clinics logo and info showed on the screen
  • Push notification
  • Lock mechanism for specific treatment (device can be locked to be used only for the specific amounts of usages and specific protocols)
  • Treatment quality monitoring (device can send the optional alarm signal if the treatment is interrupted for any reason)
  • Treatment scheduler/reminder
  • Usage reporting (detail usage reports with patient satisfaction assessment)
  • External medical sensors connection capability (blood pressure monitoring, temperature, etc. upon FDA clearance)

1  Upon 3 year warranty, customer pays $49.99/mo for perpetual warranty

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