Chronic & Acute Pain

Everyone experiences pain a unique way. Every patient you treat comes with a different type of pain, from duration and intensity to localized or hard to pin down. You’ve mastered the practice of pain management and care, but need a device that can respond to the varied conditions your patients face.


From chronic pain caused by arthritis or inflammation to acute pain that needs short-term alleviation, the WellnessPro Plus is designed to deliver relief that can adapt to almost any pain and any person.

Why Is Electrotherapy Perfect for Treating Pain?


Pain relief is one of the most promising applications of bio-electrical stimulation, especially for the millions of men and women who experience pain and want an alternative to toxic painkillers and invasive surgical procedures.


It blocks nerve signals in a safe and natural way, so the brain doesn’t sense the pain. This delivers relief while allowing other medicine to safely treat the underlying cause of the pain.


Understanding That All Pain Is Not The Same

Electrical impulses from the nerves near areas of our body that are damaged or otherwise harmed travel to our brain, delivering the unpleasant sensation of pain.


The WellnessPro Plus operates by interrupting these signals to reduce or even eliminate the pain information the brain receives. Pain relief is achieved without the need for other painkillers that often come with significant side effects and risks like addiction.

Chronic Pain


What makes pain chronic? According to the medical community, Chronic Pain is pain that lasts longer than 3 months, often even though the underlying injury has healed. Some people will experience chronic pain that lasts for years, especially when it is related to nerve damage. Chronic pain does not always have an obvious physical cause.

Acute Pain


Acute Pain are the aches and pains we feel that start suddenly and are sharp. They tend to have a direct, noticeable cause such as burning or cutting yourself, tearing a muscle, or breaking a bone. The pain after giving birth or having surgery is also considered acute pain. This pain typically does not last longer than 6 months and stops when the underlying problem is treated.

Treating Pain


TENS devices are some of the most recommended devices designed to treat and reduce pain. We built the WellnessPro Plus to make the best use of today’s TENS technology, plus give patients relief through new advancements in bioelectronics and electrotherapy.


By blocking the pain signals, our devices treat both Chronic and Acute pain in a single modality. Patients get the relief they need while their body heals and, if possible, you treat the underlying cause. For those who suffer from chronic pain due to conditions that cannot change, such as nerve damage or osteoarthritis, the WellnessPro Plus can be part of a regular regimen to keep pain at bay.


People deserve to live free from pain and to be able to enjoy their daily lives. That’s our entire goal with the WellnessPro Plus. If you are in pain, we know you have questions about it. Try the links below to learn more about what we offer, what we treat, and how we may be able to help.

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