Opioids in America: Can Electrotherapy Help You Be Part of the Solution?

Opioids in America: Can Electrotherapy Help You Be Part of the Solution?

Opioids in America: Can Electrotherapy Help You Be Part of the Solution?

You know that America is facing a health care crisis of epic proportions, and we’re all starting to realize that everyone plays a role in ending our cultural dependence on opioids.

In 2015, there were 52,000 drug overdose deaths and more than 60% of these were linked to OxyContin, Percocet, fentanyl, heroin, and other opioids.

Today, right now, drug overdoses are killing more Americans than the HIV and AIDS crisis did at its peak; more than car crashes and gun murders combined; it’s one of the biggest reasons why scientists say we’re seeing a decline in overall life expectancy in the U.S.

It’s up to every care provider to start addressing these concerns by not only reducing prescriptions for opioids but also by offering alternative pain management therapies. Everything else should be in your arsenal so that you can protect your patients.

That’s a difficult balancing act to reach, especially as we start understanding more of the pressures doctor’s face and how this impacts our entire care ecosystem.

Uncovering a New Patient Satisfaction Trap

The latest revelation in the opioid crisis comes from doctors reporting that patient satisfaction surveys may cause concern and lead to increased prescriptions for the drugs. Patient surveys ask if they feel the hospital or care setting has done everything it can do to relieve their pain, and many who are in pain (or are seeking drugs) but do not get an opioid will report that they’re not satisfied with their pain management.

University of Wisconsin researchers say that 20% of doctors report feeling threatened by their satisfaction scores when patients say they are unhappy with their pain management.

The beneficial news for this discovery is that Medicare and Medicaid will cease payments based on pain scores this October, however many insurers and hospital groups are expected to still look at the scoring system.
Benefits from the best TENS units not only can give your patients relief but they can also make it easier to apply chiropractic treatments to the body.

Avoid Being Caught By Finding Alternative Pain Management Approaches

While pain scores are slowly losing importance, they represent a way for your practice to start considering the future, especially as opioid concerns grow.

Alternative therapy options that avoid prescriptions are not only growing because of safety worries, but also because more and more Americans want to avoid the crisis they see on TV, in their communities, and even in their families.

Electrotherapy and bioelectronic medicine options are a growing opportunity because they provide relief with virtually no chance of an addiction. Plus, electrotherapy also helps address many of the side effects of opioid abuse and other addictions.

Devices like the WellnessPro Plus reduce the pain people experience, and for those using opioids this outside pain reduction can help decrease incidents and likelihood of related concerns, including:

    • central hypogonadism
    • cognitive impairment
    • depression
    • fractures and fall-related injuries
    • infections
    • impaired wound-healing
    • risk of secondary addictions
    • sleep disorders, especially breathing concerns
    Addressing chronic pain is the best way to give the people you treat relief from a wide range of harms, and can help remove some of the potential for prescription or opioid abuse.

Bioelectronic Medicine Targets Holistic Wellness

Bioelectronic therapies and devices like the WellnessPro Plus are helping people relieve a variety of chronic and acute pains, especially when pain is not localized and hard to discern — which is often the case for addiction-related pain.

Plus, other research is showing that opioids are lengthening the chronic pain people experience and impact the body’s natural ability to resolve pain on its own. Electrotherapy and bioelectronic medicine can break this cycle and lower your risks, even reducing side effects, so that people feel better sooner.

For your practice, this means treating people in a safer manner that is more affordable for your business. Patients can come to you for treatment while you have a consistent source of income, allowing you to serve more patients while affording your insurance and other overhead.

Physicians and patients alike are saying that it works. It helps them feel better, it helps offices enhance their business, and it can start to push America away from the crisis that we face. It’s now within your power too.

Learn about adding the WellnessPro Plus to your practice and reducing opioid risks here.

Understanding Electricity, Electrotherapy, and Relief

Last year, the CDC released a nationwide warning about prescribing opiate drugs and recommended that care providers seek alternative therapies.

ElectroMedical Technologies believes that electrotherapy is your safest option, but we know it also raises concerns and questions about treatment and how it evolved. This short video may help answer some of the questions you have and show how electrotherapy provides relieve without the life-threatening side effects common in today’s opiates.

Wistia video thumbnail

And when you’re ready to see about adding it to your practice, contact us here at any time.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of electrotherapy and how electrical stimulation can provide you with all-natural pain relief, download your free brochure about the WellnessPro Plus , the most advanced doctor-recommended TENS unit on the market. If you have specific questions, contact Electromedical Technologies or call us at toll-free (888) 880-7888.

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