Here’s Why Electrotherapy Is Your Must-Have Treatment for Ending the Pain and Fear of Diabetic Neuropathy

Here’s Why Electrotherapy Is Your Must-Have Treatment for Ending the Pain and Fear of Diabetic Neuropathy

Here’s Why Electrotherapy Is Your Must-Have Treatment for Ending the Pain and Fear of Diabetic Neuropathy

Electrical stimulation through electrotherapy and bioelectronic devices is delivering pain relief to thousands of diabetic patients suffering from neuropathy across the United States. The number of people finding relief and taking back control of their health increases each month thanks to this drug-free and pain-free treatment.

Electrical stimulation as a treatment for neuropathy is generally considered to be among the safer treatment options for many patients because it is neither dangerous nor harmful, but can serve to help nerves repair and regenerate.

Here’s why you should consider it if you see any patients who suffer from diabetic or similar neuropathies:

An added benefit of bioelectronic therapies such as those ElectroMedical Technologies offers is that patients can receive longer treatments and still be free of pain and discomfort.

Established Diabetic and Peripheral Neuropathy Relief

Electrotherapy and bioelectronic therapies are a reliable path to relief of diabetic neuropathy pain, especially during initial use and treatments. All patients tend to see initial relief and for many that relief continues through a full complement of treatments.

That’s one area where the modality offered by ElectroMedical Technologies excels beyond many other options available to practices and offices like chiropractors.  Our WellnessPro Plus is designed to offer the largest frequency range so that practitioners can increase the possibility of relief. loss. With more than one million frequencies, you will be able to allow patients to continue to find relief.

Here are the other benefits we offer that can create sustained relief from diabetic neuropathy pain:

  • DeepPulse ION technology, the WellnessPro delivers microcurrent and frequencies deeper to the problem areas turning off pain almost instantly in some cases.
  • Five wave types to vary therapy and reach new pain areas: Burst, spectrum, sweep, duplex, and continuous waves.
  • Pre-programmed treatments and the ability to customize any therapy so that you can vary only when needed, as needed.

Everything we do is based on research, with full laboratory testing and backing by the doctors we work with every day. We hold ourselves and test ourselves to the highest standards (FDA, ISO, UL, CE, CSA, ETL, and IEC) to ensure the highest levels of safety, accuracy, and therapy precision.

Based on the latest studies as well as clinician reports, we’ve found electrotherapy to be a strong avenue of relief for diabetic neuropathy in most patients. It’s something we welcome every discussion on and provide a variety of answers in our existing brochure as well.

A New Role in Addressing All Neuropathies

Research shows that electrotherapy can play a significant role in treating neuropathies of all causes, not just the more-common diabetic neuropathy. This report shows that it may even create a “reversal of the neuropathic process” in some cases.

This new therapy option combines a local anesthetic with electrotherapy. The combination reduces inflammation and pain while also increasing blood flow, available oxygen, second messengers responsible for regenerative tissue effects, and activating the regenerative process.

This specific process involves electric cell signaling treatment, and devices like the WellnessPro Plus can support the protocol that will make a substantive difference in patient lives. It’s time we look deeper and take electrotherapy into greater consideration when it comes to relieving pain and stopping the conditions that harm our community.

Do you treat a sizeable number of patients who experience diabetic neuropathy pain, suffer from other neuropathies, or have inflammation and pain they don’t want to treat with prescription drugs? Consider the WellnessPro Plus as a partner to help you bring relief to these and many more of your patients. Learn more about what we treat or contact us directly to get your questions answered.

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