Distributor Spotlight: Kathy Strand Talks How “Miracle Machine” WellnessPro Plus Can Benefit Business

Distributor Spotlight: Kathy Strand Talks How “Miracle Machine” WellnessPro Plus Can Benefit Business

Distributor Spotlight: Kathy Strand Talks How “Miracle Machine” WellnessPro Plus Can Benefit Business


We interviewed our top distributor, Kathy Strand, to talk about life as an ElectroMedical distributor and to highlight her success story. Kathy has used the WellnessPro PLUS to treat over 25,000 people. She and her team sell our bioelectronic therapy devices to a variety of patients, and professionals across healthcare including chiropractors, sports medicine, physiotherapists and pain management practitioners. We thank Kathy for her time and her commitment to improving the lives of so many by relieving chronic and acute pain. We have included her contact information below.

ElectroMedical Technologies: Kathy, how did you hear about ElectroMedical Technologies and the WellnessPro PLUS?

Kathy Strand: “I heard about ElectroMedical from another distributor. I actually saw an advertisement in a local newspaper which another distributor had posted, saying he was looking for medical device distributors.”

EMT: Is being a medical device distributor a career path you had previously considered?

KS: “No, I’m a nurse, and I wasn’t even looking for a job. When I saw ‘medical device’, I called, and the founder, Matthew Wolfson, and he started talking about how he was changing lives by relieving pain. My mother was in horrible pain and I was given the opportunity to try the machine on her and it changed her life by eliminating pain and changed mine, by creating a successful alternative career!”

EMT: Is this your full-time job?

KS: “That’s right, and my husband’s, as well.  For seven and a half years.”

EMT: What do you think makes the WellnessPro PLUS different from other electrotherapy devices?

KS: “I’ve personally never used any other electrotherapy devices, even to this date, but I am very familiar with other devices because we now do so much work in the sports and chiropractic industries. I see other technologies everywhere, but our device is just a step above. We actually have the ability to do a lot of things with this one machine which often times takes multiple machines to accomplish.

“It’s an amazing technology, it’s the only machine of its kind out there, and the results really make it stand out. We will get a 60-80% improvement on pain relief over any other machines I’ve seen.”

EMT: What do your customers say about their experience with the WellnessPro PLUS?

“They say it’s a Miracle machine. They seriously do. My schools have named it this way because they will see such instant results that you never see with any other type of equipment. I can give you thousands and thousands of examples, and pictures.

KS: “It’s really an amazing machine which first delivers immediate results, and then cumulatively improved results over time. The initial ‘wow’ factor is so impressive with this machine. These patients get hope, when they thought nothing was going to help them anymore.”

EMT: Can you comment on how easy it was to become a distributor for EMT?

KS: “Easy. There aren’t any requirements. I think every distributor should own the machine so they have the ability to demonstrate it and understand it well. There is a form you fill out; you’ll need a little training on using the machine and talking about the machine, and then you begin to sell. To me, it’s easy.”

EMT: What is the best part of your job?

KS: “Helping people.  I’m a nurse and I like seeing peoples’ lives changed. I like seeing them have hope, again. I love seeing the depression go away. The number one cause of depression is pain and when we get rid of the pain – it changes their physical and emotional lives. Helping the people is the biggest stand-out for me.”

We’d like to thank Kathy for taking the time to speak with us and congratulate her on all her success and the important role she is plays in improving lives.


If you’d like to learn more about the medical device distribution business and see the new heights you can take your career to with our WellnessPro PLUS, contact us directly or visit our special information page for distributors here and learn about the benefits of joining our team.


 Do you treat a sizeable number of patients who experience diabetic neuropathy pain, suffer from other neuropathies, or have inflammation and pain they don’t want to treat with prescription drugs? Consider the WellnessPro Plus as a partner to help you bring relief to these and many more of your patients. Learn more about what we treat or contact us directly to get your questions answered.

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