End Patient Pain Safely, Efficiently, and Quickly Without New Medication or Complex Procedures

End Patient Pain Safely, Efficiently, and Quickly Without New Medication or Complex Procedures

End Patient Pain Safely, Efficiently, and Quickly Without New Medication or Complex Procedures

Reach more patients with a proven new treatment option.


Chiropractors are arguably the best care providers to help America kick its medication and opioid habits, but many patients face barriers to accessing and understanding the care you provide. To capitalize on the growing market and bring much-needed relief to patients, chiropractors are looking to diversify their treatment options and reach more people suffering from chronic or acute pain.
Electrotherapy is quickly becoming the highly desirable option for chiropractic practices to expand and strengthen available treatments because it is a proven way to disrupt pain signals, and it brings fast relief to patients suffering from a wide range of health problems.

  • One unit can treat multiple patients each day — Increase revenue with a treatment your team can learn quickly and use effectively.
  • Proven high success rate — See the health benefits of non-medication, non-invasive new therapies.
  • Significant patient interest — Extend your service to include what patients are asking about.

Your patients deserve relief, so let’s work together to give them new methods that don’t introduce more risk through medications such as opioids.

Start Delivering Relief Right Away

Give Your Patients Another Drug-Free Option

You’ve known for your entire career that it’s possible to stop back pain without drugs. And, finally, the American College of Physicians is getting on board with the idea and recommending chiropractic treatments as one of the preferred treatment options because it is free of opioids and other pain medications.

The ACP has issued new guidelines that say it’s time to get rid of painkillers for most of your back-pain patients right now — the update comes after reviewing 160 different studies on back pain, medication, and non-medication strategies.

So, your chiropractic practice could benefit from working with doctors and other professionals in your area.

You’ve got a potential new set of client referral partners and a strong message with which to build partnerships and your business: “The ACP now recommends non-medication treatments over low-value medicated treatments, so we can help your patients start feeling better and stay that way.”

Electrotherapy from the WellnessPro Plus is certainly one treatment differentiation you can utilize. It is FDA-approved, safe, reliable, and has unique technology that prevents the typical ‘accommodation to treatment’ found in typical TENS devices. That means you’re providing long-term relief using our device in sessions at your practice, creating long-term revenue potential while helping people feel better.

Together, we can accomplish much more that differentiates your practice, with a new way to generate income and deliver relief without pain medication.

Learn about adding the WellnessPro Plus to your practice here.


Chiropractors Are Already Seeing Success By Diversifying Their Practice With the WellnessPro Plus

Dr. Lee has been a chiropractor for more than 17 years, and he’s been using the WellnessPro Plus to help his patients suffering from chronic pain. Listen to his story below about helping a woman with Fibromyalgia get her life back. Discover why he says “the WellnessPro is one of the most amazing units that you can use for pain. I have not seen anything that has been so beneficial to so many people for so many types of pain.”

Dr. Tina Ingram is a chiropractor who has been using electrical current based treatments like the WellnessPro Plus for 20 years. Her practice has used it to successfully treat a variety of chronic pain syndromes as well as disk injuries. “I don’t know of anything else out there that treats all areas of the body as well as the WellnessPro does.”

Learn how you can benefit from adding the WellnessPro Plus to your practice to reduce pain.

Get started today so you can offer your patients the relief they need while distinguishing your practice!
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