Is Bioelectronic Medicine New?

Is Bioelectronic Medicine New?

Is Bioelectronic Medicine New?

No. The core principles of bioelectronic medicine and electrotherapy were developed back in the 19th century by Guillaume Duchenne, the originator of electrophysiology, and they rely on insights from Dioscorides, a Roman army medic and medical author in the first century.

Today, there is a new push under the field of “bioelectronics,” led by Google and GlaxoSmithKline with their Galvani Bioelectronics initiative. Study in the field is allowing us to harness the technological advancements that have made everything else smaller (from laptops and smartphones to microscopic healthcare electronics) in the health setting.

Today, electrotherapy devices offer more relief than standard TENS machines, and they’re able to deliver safe electrical muscle stimulation in outpatient offices and even your home.

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