Does Bioelectronic Medicine Work for Chronic Pain?

Does Bioelectronic Medicine Work for Chronic Pain?

Does Bioelectronic Medicine Work for Chronic Pain?

One of the most often prescribed treatments for bioelectronic medicine is to address chronic pain. It does this by disrupting the pain cycle with non-painful sensations on or near the pain site. By changing the way your body experiences that pain and related sensations, it alleviates the sense of pain.

The one important thing to note is that the historical success of traditional chronic pain treatments using electrical stimulation would ebb over time – referred to as ‘accommodation’ – when the body would get used to the sensate changes, even when applying the gate control theory.

To overcome this, bioelectronic medicine technology has evolved with intelligent applications which deliver randomized frequencies and durations that provide faster, longer-lasting relief. Small variations in the electrical frequency and duration hold the key to a sustained treatment effectiveness for chronic and acute pain.

Devices like the Wellness Pro make adjustments for patients to avoid accommodation. Wellness Pro uses a proprietary DeepPulse algorithm for delivering frequencies using specific rotational patterns and pulse duration to penetrate deeper into affected areas. This prevents the body from diminishing treatment effectiveness, overcoming a problem that occurs with the majority of TENS machines.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of electrotherapy and how electrical stimulation can provide you with all-natural pain relief, download your free brochure about the WellnessPro Plus , the most advanced doctor-recommended TENS unit on the market. If you have specific questions, contact Electromedical Technologies or call us at toll-free (888) 880-7888.

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