Wellness Pro Plus
Wellness Wrap (small)
WellnessPro 2010 Medical Grade AC power adapter
WellnessPro 2010+ AC Power Adapter
Cylindrical Carbon Rubber Electrode 1″ x 4″
Round Carbon Rubber Electrode 2″
Rectangular Carbon Rubber Electrode 8″x3″
Set of 4 Self Adhesive electrodes 2×2″ (50×50 mm)
Set of 4 Self Adhesive electrodes 2×4″ (50×100 mm)
Spectra 360 Conductive Gel
Input Cable for WellnessPro 2010+
Lead Wires for WellnessPro 2010
Lead Wires for WellnessPro 2010+
Out of stock
“L” DC plug connector
Snap Connectors
Wellness Wrap (large)
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