How to Use the WellnessPro Plus

The WellnessPro Plus was designed to be one of the easiest-to-use electrotherapy devices of its kind. In minutes, you or your staff will be ready to provide pain relief to patients suffering from a wide range of diseases, illnesses, and other chronic conditions.


You’ll learn how to safely and quickly attach the included electrodes on or around the area where the pain is emanating from and enter one of the 250+ program codes or dial in a custom frequency to deliver the proven benefits of transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) and bio-frequency therapy.


We recommend providing patients with a comfortable chair and space where they are free to read, use their smartphone, watch a TV show, or perform another activity to help them relax during their treatment.

The Perfect In-Office Pain Therapy


The WellnessPro Plus is safe to use on almost any muscle or bone in the body. This chart provides a brief overview of electrode placement options for all TENS therapy devices.


If you’re treating pain localized to another region, use your best judgement and start with a low-intensity TENS therapy session.


We’ve worked with doctors who have used the WellnessPro Plus to treat a wide range of pain symptoms in many different regions of the body.


That said, each WellnessPro Plus comes with an in-depth user manual that walks you through setting up and using the device. For added convenience and ease of use, the WellnessPro Plus features a built-in assistant (the i-Guide™) that walks you through all the steps of usage and programming.


The guide will help you understand the different settings and existing codes pre-programmed to give your patients the best relief. Codes automatically program your device based on a specific type or cause of pain.


If you’d like to see just how easy to WellnessPro Plus is to use before purchasing, or if you’re already the owner of a WellnessPro Plus and would like additional information on using the device, check out these instructional videos below.


If you have additional questions about using an electrotherapy device like the WellnessPro Plus, contact us online or call us toll-free at 1 (888) 880-7888.

tens unit

WellnessPro Plus Help and Instructional Videos

Sometimes seeing is believing and understanding. So, we’ve turned parts of the traditional user manual into videos that allow you to see what’s going on with your device, making operation safe and simple.


Not only is the WellnessPro Plus the most advanced electrotherapy device of its kind on the market, it’s also designed to be the easiest to use. Our goal was to make the WellnessPro Plus intuitive and straightforward so that you can relieve your patients’ pain quickly.


Use the videos below to gain an understanding of your device and deliver relief at lightning speed. We think your patients will love the relief you’re able to deliver through the WellnessPro Plus.

Setting Up the WellnessPro Plus


LCD Display and Keyboard Functions


Application of Electrodes for Pain Relief


Programming Auto Codes


Using Microcurrent Mode


Run a Auto Code


“I believe that the WellnessPro Plus for pain relief is better than other methods because you can use it when you need it. There’s no such thing as waiting six hours for relief the next time you can take a pill. You just run the machine again, and again if you need to.”

– Loretta Kent, WellnessPro Plus user

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