What It Treats

Electrotherapy is a widely-researched pain treatment that is designed to deliver targeted relief to a specific area of the body. This allows it to address pain from a wide range of conditions, illnesses, diseases, accidents, and other causes.


Specifically, the Wellness Pro Plus is used to treat both chronic and acute pain. This pain is often difficult to treat with other means and treatments — like pharmaceuticals — carry many risks and side-effects that electrotherapy avoids.

Electrotherapy Can Help

University research centers, doctors, and physicians around the world have overseen treatments using electrotherapy with outstanding results in the reduction of pain for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. The WellnessPro Plus is an effective complementary treatment modality for pain relief.

For clinical research information about how Electrotherapy treats these and other chronic conditions, visit our Resources page.

Now that you know more about electrotherapy, learn about the WellnessPro Plus and discover how it can provide you with fast and long-lasting relief from pain.