About Us

At Electromedical Technologies, we believe results speak louder than words. Since the Company's founding, that philosophy has made us a leader in the worldwide electrotherapy market and placed us at the forefront of medicine's most promising solutions. Today, we are one of the premier medical products and services companies in the world.


Our Company

We are not a typical company nor do we strive to be one. Our company is one that sets high standards. We focus on the fundamentals and we're relentless in attending to the details. We are passionate about raising the bar - and regularly surpass our own ambitious goals.


Our Research

We continually strive to achieve superior clinical results. We push the frontiers of medical research while maintaining uncompromising clinical integrity. We combine the knowledge and wisdom of the past with cutting edge technology of today.

We succeed when our customers succeed. We put their interests first in everything we do.

Most importantly, we measure our success by our ability to partner with respected medical professionals - to help people, around the world, lead more active and more satisfying lives.

We don't just make promises, we deliver results.


WellnessPro...."Get Results"!


Our Mission

To provide people throughout the world with unique products and a business opportunity they need to bring balance into their lives and achieve total wellness.

Note:  A prescription from your physician or an approved medical license must be provided to purchase a WellnessPro​​ or any accessories. 
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