What are the Benefits of Electrotherapy?

benefits of TENS therapy

What are the Benefits of Electrotherapy?

Shocking Benefits of Electrotherapy


electrotherapy for a pain free lifeElectrical therapy, specifically transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), is one of the most promising and well-researched forms of alternative pain management today. All-natural, non-toxic, and FDA-cleared, TENS therapy is a viable form of pain relief for anyone who wants to feel better without taking prescription painkillers. And because electrotherapy is not new, the benefits of electrotherapy are well documented and have been experienced by countless users.

If you’re thinking about trying electrical stimulation for pain relief , you might first be interested in learning more about the benefits of electrotherapy. Here are six notable benefits that should motivate and inspire you to talk to your doctor about electrotherapy for pain relief.

1. Electrotherapy Provides Targeted Pain Relief

Unlike opioids that affect the entire nervous system to relieve pain, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation targets pain at the source so you can feel better without any of the full-body side effects of painkillers. Just place the electrodes near the source, turn on the TENS unit, and start feeling better. It’s that easy.

2. Electrotherapy is Non-Toxic and Non Habit-Forming

Another benefit of electrotherapy is the fact that there’s nothing more to it than electricity. No toxic chemicals, no dangerous additives, just safe doses of natural electrical pulses that have been used for centuries to help relieve pain . Electrotherapy is also non habit-forming, although you may become “addicted” to using your machine for its incredible pain-relieving benefits (but certainly no chemical or psychological dependencies or addictions to worry about).

3. Electrotherapy Can Be Used as Needed

Because electrotherapy is non-toxic and non habit-forming, you can use it as often as necessary to relieve chronic and acute pain. With pain pills, you can only take a certain dosage a few times each day regardless of whether or not the pills do anything to relieve your pain. When used as directed, a TENS unit can provide pain relief when you need it most. No waiting 8-12 hours until you can take your next pill.

4. Electrotherapy Can Be Used to Treat Multiple Pain-Causing Conditions

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a flexible alternative pain management therapy that can provide lasting pain relief for multiple conditions, including injury, disease, and postoperative pain. In other words, say you purchase a TENS unit to relieve chronic knee pain, you can use the same device to relieve any additional pain you experience from injuries or conditions that arise in the future. Simply consult with your doctor and make sure electrotherapy is appropriate for the new pain symptoms you are experiencing.

5. Electrotherapy Can Jumpstart Your Body’s Innate Healing Abilities

Your body is designed to heal itself, but when you’re in pain it’s hard for your body to do its job effectively. Electrical stimulation delivers effective, targeted pain relief that can help you sleep better, feel less stressed, and generally feel better, all of which can benefit your body’s innate healing abilities. Electrotherapy helps your body focus on healing instead of dealing with pain.

6. Electrotherapy Can Be Performed at Home

There are many alternative pain management techniques and therapies that can help you feel better, but only a few that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Consult with your doctor and find out if electrical stimulation therapy is right for you. If it is, you can purchase a TENS unit like the WellnessPro® Plus and find relief from chronic and acute pain when you need it most without having to leave the house.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of electrotherapy and how electrical stimulation can provide you with all-natural pain relief, download your free brochure about the WellnessPro Plus , the most advanced doctor-recommended TENS unit on the market. If you have specific questions, contact Electromedical Technologies or call us at toll-free (888) 880-7888.

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