Who We Are – Electromedical Technologies

At Electromedical Technologies, we believe results speak louder than words.


Since our company was founded, that philosophy has made us a leader in the worldwide electrotherapy market. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that our revolutionary device, the WellnessPro Plus, helps people around the world live happier, healthier, and more comfortable lives. We are not just the maker of the #1 doctor-recommended electrotherapy device, we are one of the premier medical products and services companies in the world, period.

We set high standards in everything we do. We focus on the fundamentals and are relentless in attending to the details. We are passionate about raising the bar and leading the electrotherapy revolution in America.

Pharmaceutical approach

“We challenge the toxic pharmaceutical approach to pain management and wellness.”

Achieve Better Health

“We apply bio-frequency technologies to trigger the body’s natural ability to achieve better health.”

Scientific Research

“We build devices based on proven scientific research, that deliver specialized energetic stimulation to the body.”


Our Mission Has Always Been To End Chronic Pain

Since introducing the world to the WellnessPro Plus in 2007, ElectroMedical Technologies has been at the forefront of the alternative pain relief movement. We will continue to lead the electrotherapy revolution until everyone who lives with acute or chronic pain knows that a safe, non-toxic, and effective solution exists— the WellnessPro Plus.


This work started in 2002 when Founder Matthew Wolfson witnessed a family member enjoy pain relief from a basic electrotherapy device. In that moment, he decided that if his family could enjoy these results, everyone should have access to similar pain-relief.


Having built other lasting technology companies, Matt assembled a team of leading scientists to advance the technology and in 2007 — with FDA clearance — delivered the world’s first intelligent portable bioelectronic medicine device, the WellnessPro.


Today, ElectroMedical serves tens of thousands of customers across the globe who suffer from chronic or acute pain and remains the innovation pioneer in portable bioelectronic devices.


Our Partners

ElectroMedical Technologies continues to work with a wide range of scientists, physicians, medical professionals, and distributors to share our mission with the world. We wouldn’t achieve our success without them, and we want to take this space to say “thank you” to everyone who is working with us to reduce suffering related to chronic pain.

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