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Is Your Chiropractic Office Ready to Expand with Electrotherapy?

Posted on March, 2017 by

The understanding and focus on the spine makes chiropractors unique in their approach to health and wellness. However, as doctors diversify and patients look for a wider range of alternative treatments, you may need to expand your offering to stay competitive.

4 Things Distributors Should Know About Working with ElectroMedical

Posted on February, 2017 by

Medical device distributors have a lot of hard work ahead of them when they pick up any new device to add to their offering. That’s why ElectroMedical is providing information and assistance to distributors just like you, easing the process as much as we can. We understand that your time is valuable and you don’t want to face unanswerable questions with your next device. So, ...

5 Best Practices for Selling Medical Devices in the New Year

Posted on February, 2017 by

Care providers from hospitals to general practitioners and specialized therapy offices are all going through major transitions with how and what medical devices they buy. They’re keeping an eye toward Congress to see if medical device taxes will change and looking for more information on new treatments to maximize the return on every investment.

4 Methods for Judging a Medical Device Market for Distributors

Posted on January, 2017 by

While the U.S. lost roughly 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000, medical equipment manufacturing has grown by about 8% over the past two decades. That’s because these devices aren’t competing on who can produce them for the lowest cost, they’re competing by figuring out which product is the most innovative and can be customized the most to the end-consumer....