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What You Need to Know About Offering Bioelectronic Therapy

Posted on January, 2017 by

With Google entering the bioelectronic therapy space, we’ve seen a renewed interest in devices like our WellnessPro Plus that provides electrotherapy pain relief. Many physicians and therapists had heard about TENS and electrotherapy in the past, but now are giving it a second look to see if it makes sense for including it in their health and wellness programs.

It’s Time to Move Away from the Opioid Rx

Posted on December, 2016 by

Opioid prescriptions don’t provide effective relief from chronic pain and they tend to increase the potential for dangerous, even deadly, consequences in patients, says a new study in the December issue of Current Oncology Reports.

Palliative care researchers looked at opioid therapy and determined that it has the potential to interfere with your body’s natural ability to fight and resolve pain. The study determined that for some “it actually has the potential of extending the history of their pain.”

How Does Electrical Stimulation Help?

Posted on December, 2016 by

So, applying electrical current can seem like a pretty counter-intuitive way to treat pain and health problems.

But, in reality, the process isn’t that scary or intense...

Does Bioelectronic Medicine Work for Chronic Pain?

Posted on December, 2016 by

One of the most often prescribed treatments for bioelectronic medicine is to address chronic pain. It does this by disrupting the pain cycle with non-painful sensations on or near the pain site. By changing the way your body experiences that pain and related sensations, it alleviates the sense of pain.