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Fully Expandable

WellnessPro+ is designed to support our upcoming new devices such as cold laser and wrinkle control wand.

Microcurrent Control

Now you can have more control over the treatment. Set precise electric output levels ranging from 1μA to 600μA.

Fully Independent Channels

Two completely independent outputs allows the user to set different treatments at the same time.

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  • Backup and restore
  • FLUX mode
  • 5 Wave types
  • Multi auto

Avoid patient error and guarantee the accuracy of doctor programming! Codes and Programs can be uploaded to the WellnessPro PLUS or sent via the internet.


This function is designed to simplify the use of the WellnessPro PLUS. Frequencies can fluctuate a desired range of Hz up and down.


The WellnessPro PLUS offers five unique wave types. Our unique wave types combined with our state-of-the-art electrodes reduce the risk of painful skin irritation. No other devices compare!


Run up to 50 consecutive codes without touching the unit! Yet another function designed to simplify the use of the WellnessPro PLUS.


Get Results

Immediate pain relief
Pain relief after few treatments
Long term pain relief
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  • "We hope we never have to be without this wonderful machine"

    Twenty years ago, my husband was in a liquid nitrogen explosion. Since that day, he has been through over 60 surgeries and twice that many infections. The extreme nature of the damage has been controlled for years with multiple pain killers. The use of the WellnessPro PLUS device helped reduce pain in his back, legs, ankles, and feet and drastically cut the number of doctor visits.

    image L. Carter
  • "Mentally and physically I feel alive again"

    I have been plagued with back problems most of my adult life. I have gone through back surgery three times. Each time it has given me temporary relief; several years after the second surgery the pain returned. To my wife’s dismay, our social activities began to fade away. I started using WellnessPro PLUS and in just a few days I began to feel improvement. In less than one week, the pain in my back and legs was gone.

    image G. McLarney
  • “It’s a Miracle Instrument!”

    “It’s a Miracle Instrument!”

    The WellnessPro PLUS has been a God-send for me. I have Fibromyalgia, and most things I’ve tried have failed. I heard about this unit but didn’t know what to think. At first I felt a little improvement, the next day we tried a different frequency and the pain in my legs was gone within 10 minutes!! I am amazed to say the least!!! I may still have fatigue and some leg stiffness, but there is absolutely NO pain. More people should know about this!"

    image Jan K.
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Looking for the perfect unit for your office? We offer medical professional discounts and have a variety of affordable options.

The WellnessPro PLUS offers a wide range of functions that can be combined with any of the 1 Million frequencies. The device is user friendly, easy to use and expandable which makes the WellnessPro PLUS perfect for any home or office.

Expand your Device for a Fraction of the CostMultiple packages

Our upcoming cold laser attachment, with cosmetic and pain relief features, will be available at the fraction of the cost of other cold lasers on the market. With the WellnessPro you already have the technology inside the unit!

Learn more about WellnessPro PLUS

Get more information about this incredible device, its features and discover all the ways that it can help you with your pain.

Business Opportunity

Looking for a job or to earn extra income? Ever thought about starting your own business? Become a WellnessPro Plus sales representative today! Contact Electromedical Technologies for more information!